E Cigarettes Innovation

E cigarettes also known as electronic cigarettes are one of the relatively newer, alternative methods to smoking tobacco and their popularity has increased due to the operating efficiency and sleek design. Since tobacco cigarettes are considered very dangerous to health due to the amount of tar and smoke, which contains cancer causing agents, the e cigarettes serve as a breath of fresh air for habitual tobacco cigarette smokers and people who want to quit smoking tobacco for good.

When it comes to smoking, habitual tobacco smokers are usually hesitant to change their brand of cigarettes. Brand loyalty is something that is regarded very important among smokers. You will rarely see a smoker changing his brand and it is due to some inevitable circumstances that they do so. Due to increasing health concerns among smokers, many attempts have been made to introduce ways that will help reduce the nicotine intake of the smokers, hence encouraging people to quit smoking. However, most of these attempts did not have much of an impact.


E cigarettes have many benefits that you cannot get from the ordinary tobacco cigarette. One of the most convenient benefits of an electronic cigarette is that you do not need to light it. All you have to do is to take a drag. This allows you to smoke them anywhere and anytime you want. Moreover, you do not have to go through the hassle of lighting these e cigarettes. The only thing you have to do is to charge them and this is actually very convenient since you can attach them to a charger just like your cell phone or laptop. The charger usually comes with a USB adapter that you can connect to your computer and AC/DC converter is built-in so that you can also connect and charge from a wall socket. One of the best online e-cigarette shops in the UK is KingZing E-Cigs, they regularly have a sale on where you can get some real bargains!

The design and innovation in electronic cigarettes is the major reason for its increasing popularity, although you cannot argue the fact that they cause fewer risks to the health, adds convenience, and is fully recyclable. Most of these e cigarettes are reusable, although you can also get disposable ones if you prefer. The absence of smoke is the most attractive feature of these electronic cigarettes.

The e cigarette uses a special kind of ingredient known as e liquid to provide the taste and nicotine levels to enhance the smoking experience of smokers. The nicotine amount depends on the preferences of the smokers. Different nicotine levels are available for the smoker, from 2mg to 32mg, which allow them to control their intake of nicotine. Additionally, the e liquid is available in a wide range of different tastes that adds to the smoking experience. However, it is important that you exercise care in choosing the brand of e liquid for your electronic cigarette, since the quality and flavors do vary from brand to brand.

For all smokers, flavor is of primary importance. Sticking to a single cigarette brand bounds the smokers to enjoy the same astringent taste but the electronic cigarette provides full liberty to enjoy as many flavors as one likes. There is a long list of flavors available and you can also make your own flavor by blending the different flavors together. The most liked flavors include chocolate, cocoa, vanilla, strawberry, menthol, peppermint, coffee, cherry, cola and peach.

Since we all realize that traditional tobacco smoking is hazardous to health and many research papers and articles have been published on the side effects of smoking. However, in the case of electronic cigarettes, it is somewhat different. Since the ‘smoke’ released from them is not like the real smoke, just a mist of vapors produced from the evaporation of the e liquid present inside the e cigarette.

The e liquid does not contain harmful chemicals like a tobacco cigarette. That is why the vapor produced is often called ‘green smoke’ because it is not harmful to health and does not cause any detrimental effects to the people within the vicinity of the smoker. Rather they can enjoy the fragrance of the fruits coming out of the smoke produced by the e cigarette.

The initial cost of the various brands of e cigarettes is no doubt one of the major concerns to the buyer. However, electronic cigarettes may well be a little more expensive than ordinary tobacco cigarettes, but it is a onetime expense and the refillable e liquid is at least 5 times cheaper than the average price of 20 tobacco cigarettes.

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