How To Buy A Safe Penis Extender

safe penis extender

Penis extenders can be very intimidating devices for some men. This is understandable, considering that we’re trusting the health and well-being of our penis to these extenders, which work by the force of traction to straighten and lengthen the member over time. Also, there are inevitably horror stories of men being injured by using such devices improperly, or from purchasing and then attempting to use a low-quality model.

As a result, it is easy enough to have some reservations about using one. Fortunately, by simply following a few tips, one can easily purchase a safe penis extender to use in the privacy of their own home.

Look For Models That Emphasize Comfort

The manufacturers of quality extenders have designed them for maximum comfort.

This includes the use of materials in the design that are less irritating to the tissues of the penis, even while men use the devices for hours each day. Low-quality models, for example, tend to be made of mostly cheap plastic, which can rub the tissue of the penis raw or easily cause nerve damage and various other injuries when worn too much. The best models, however, have various comfort features including:

  • Silicone Tubing. Silicone is flexible and softer than plastic. As a result, extenders made from it tend to be much more comfortable. Men can wear them longer and achieve better results than when using the alternatives.
  • Memory Foam. Such padding provides cushioning that makes each stretching session a pleasant experience.
  • Velcro Straps. These allow for the appropriate amount of traction to be applied to the penis while preventing skin damage that can often occur with lower-quality models
  • Comfort Straps. These are straps that help hold the penis in place, avoiding physical injury while the device is worn.

All of the features allow for men to snugly wear the devices as directed for several hours while being completely comfortable. Under no circumstances should wearing a penis extender be painful.

A Safe Penis Extender is Adjustable and Customizable

Any company that sells a one-size-fits-all solution should be avoided. Common sense tells us that all men are different. No two penises are alike. Therefore, extenders should allow for adjustment.

With the appropriate number of adjustable straps, for example, the penis can snugly fit inside the device and there is substantially less risk of both injury and slippage. This simply isn’t possible with extenders that cannot be adequately adjusted to the man’s length and girth. Additionally, many companies offer numerous models in order to provide a more customized solution that ensures the utmost comfort and adjustability. Learn more at

Choose Only Extenders Made From the Best of Materials

Manufacturers of quality devices don’t skimp on material costs. This often means that such devices cost more when compared to the competition, but the additional investment is well worth it for the safety and comfort features. Always choose extenders that are manufactured to medical-quality specifications using surgical-grade materials. With anything less, there is a greater risk of injury and other complications.

Simply put, men cannot afford to compromise when it comes to the issue of comfort.

The reason for this is easy enough to understand: comfortable penis extenders are always the safest options. In fact, the number one sign that a device is unsafe is experiencing pain while using it. Even a mild degree of discomfort should never be tolerated, as this can lead to injuries which may take weeks or even months to heal.

We also tend to not tolerate things that are uncomfortable for too long, so men inevitably stop wearing such devices or use them so irregularly that gains are never realized. Extenders that provide complete comfort and support, however, are enjoyable to use and can easily be worn for the 6-8 hours each day as recommended by experts in order to maximize gains.

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