Male Edge Extender Review: Is It Worth It?

Male Edge Pro

In this article, I review the Male Edge extender.

How To Use It

The good news is that you can wear Male Edge under loose-fitting clothes which will allow you to wear it at work and during your everyday activities. Some of you will even be able to wear it during sleep, but you need to make sure that you do not toss and turn during sleep as this might put you in uncomfortable positions that might impede your progress.

When you start using Male Edge, you should not immediately start with the highest setting and with six hours per day. You start with the least amount of force that is available and for the duration of the first week, you wear it only one hour each day. As the weeks progress, you increase the force and you also wear it for longer and longer until you reach week 6 when you can start using it for 6 hours and on the highest setting.

It would also be beneficial if you started eating healthy, exercising the rest of your body and give up nasty habits like drinking too much or smoking. All of this can contribute to the results you can achieve with Male Edge.


The results vary from one man to another, but on average, it is possible to gain anywhere up to 28% in length and almost 20% in girth. I believe we can all agree that this is a substantial increase in size and something very few people will be disappointed with. Of course, this is not saying that you personally are going to enlarge your penis by as much. You might accomplish more or you might accomplish less.

In any case, these extra inches will definitely give you new-found confidence and they will also make you more confident in other aspects of your life.

We should also add that with Male Edge, you can very successfully correct any curvature of the penis you might be suffering from. The results are amazing and men are known to have corrected up to 90% of the curvature with Male Edge.

Peyronie’s Disease

This condition is mostly caused by an injury being done to the penis. In the vast majority of cases, the man suffering does not even recollect sustaining the injury, which usually happens during intercourse. This injury leads to the inflammation of the tissue that surrounds corpus cavernosum and that is called tunica albuginea. As this tissue gets inflamed, the person might experience pain and discomfort according to

However, the most pronounced and the most common symptom of Peyronie’s disease is the curvature that occurs due to scar tissue being formed in tunica albuginea. This scar tissue leads to penis getting curved to one side, in most cases upwards.

Male Edge is very commonly used for this reason and in Europe, it is commonly recommended by the doctors who have had great experiences with the use of this penis extender by their patients. The results are so great that this has become as widespread as anything else that can be done for men with a curved penis, with efficacy rates of over 90%.

When used in such cases, Male Edge can correct anywhere between 50% and 90% of the curvature, thus alleviating most of the symptoms and also elongating the penis further as the curvature is corrected.

Side Effects

There have been absolutely no reports of any damage being done to the penis, let alone disfigurements or anything worse. The secret behind this is a careful and inventive design that prevents anything bad from happening and that applies the traction necessary for enlargement mildly and without too much aggression. Furthermore, the effectiveness of Male Edge has been proven in clinical studies that have shown that increase that can be achieved in the size of the penis is around 28% for length and 19% for girth of the penis.


In short, Male Edge is the only penis enlargement option that you should be considering if you care about the health of your penis and about your money.

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