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The main purpose of Semenax is to enhance semen volume and increase sperm count. The main rival of Semenax is Volume Pills, and these two supplements are similar in effectiveness and safety. Let’s review if Semenax really can help you cum like a porn star.

About Low Sperm Count

A lot of men today are experiencing low semen volume which is the number of sperms secreted by the testes when the person is ejaculating. The sperm count can also determine the person’s fertility, wherein a very low volume can mean he is infertile. People suffering from low semen volume also experience problems psychologically and emotionally.

Their partner in bed might be asking about this condition which leads them to question themselves, too. As a result, their regard for themselves would be affected leading to some emotional problems and conditions.

To avoid these problems, a lot of people affected by low semen count are searching for the best possible solution to this. If you are among them, you can find a variety of semen enhancing supplements on the market nowadays. But always be cautious when purchasing any of these as many vendors could trick you with products that they claim to be the best but has no effect when used.

Semen Pills

These supplement dealers are taking advantage of the people’s desperation to find the best solution to this problem. So, it is advised that you scrutinize the product you are going to buy. Consult your physician for a good recommendation or ask people who have tried using semen enhancements and learn from their experiences.

On the other hand, if you don’t feel like talking about this to anybody, let us help you with this concern. One of the best products you can use to instantly remedy this condition is Semenax. This contains the best ingredients to deal with your problem in a fast and efficient way.

There are several factors that can influence male’s semen volume to be at low levels, and among these is the food you eat. Since the different body organs also need nutrients and essential minerals to function, it is also important to feed you testes with good nutrition for these to produce enough amount of semen.

So, always remember to have a balanced and nutritious diet if you want your body to be efficiently working. Aside from good diet and nutrition, you may also take in supplements to improve the production of sperm inside your body. Supplements are created to increase or improve something that the body lacks. You may safely use semen supplements to complement the sperm secretion within your system.

Semenax Review

As a good semen supplement, Semenax has gained popularity to most men having semen production problems. They testified its efficiency in dealing with this difficulty which resulted in increased semen production in a fast way. After trying every product they can hear of, only this brand has solved their difficulty. So, if you are burdened by this condition, get your own Semenax now and solve this problem right away. There are also a lot of positive Semenax reviews.


Semenax consists of numerous ingredients which are known to be crucial for sperm count enhancement. Here’s the list of ingredients. Both Semenax and Volume Pills contain Zinc (necessary for sperm production) and Tribulus Terrestris (famous aphrodisiac). The weak point here is the absence of exact amounts (Volume Pills have the same problem).

As for real customers, many of them are completely satisfied but they recommend to take Semenax with penis enlargement and erectile dysfunction pills (like VigRX or MaleExtra). Probably, the result depends on age and health condition. Learn more at


As for safety, I didn’t encounter complaints about the side effects of Semenax (compare with Extenze with dozens of complaints).

Long-term effect

Like with Volume Pills, as long as you take these sperm count increase pills you’ll see massive ejaculations and longer orgasms.

Price and guarantee

One bottle of Semenax costs $59.95 which is cheaper than Volume Pills ($65). However, if you opt for 6-month supply Semenax at $289.95 will be more costly than Volume Pills at $250.The money back guarantee is only 60 days which is definitely worse if compared to Volume Pills.

It’s difficult to say which one, Semenax or Volume Pills, are better. Since Volume Pills provide 180-day guarantee maybe it is safer to try Volume Pills.

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