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With the promotion that Leading Edge has put into the original VigRX Product, I found it really surprising that they would release a new product that would directly compete with their flagship brand. Well they have, and they’re not being shy about it – the tagline being used for VigRX Plus is “Delivers Better Results than Industry Leader”, and despite my original hesitation – it is certainly correct.

The results delivered back to me from the testers are very positive, with all individuals showing significant gains. These results do indicate that the performance VigRX Plus far exceeds that of the original VigRX product. Based on this, I’ve disabled the original VigRX review from the site to avoid confusion, and now recommend this product to the readers as our top performing supplement.

First Impressions

Shipping was very quick – the VigRX Plus blister packs arrived packaged in a USPS box and packed with brown paper to avoid damage during shipment. The product boxes were white with a red pattern and the VigRX Logo on them (as shown in the product photographs). Inside each box, there were four blister packs of red-coated pills, with no breakage or discoloration in the pills themselves. The back of the blister pack was marked with the date of manufacture, a serial number, and the product’s name.


VigRX Plus offers a 100% Money Back Guarantee on all purchases. This guarantee is completely unconditional and is valid after 60 days of product use (2 boxes). If a customer is in any way unsatisfied about the product at this time, you may return the unused product for a full-order purchase price refund. We contacted their customer service agents to verify this guarantee on your behalf and it was confirmed by an agent named ‘Andrea’.

All-Natural Formula

VigRx is a natural blend of ingredients that mostly come from plant sources, various plants that have been assembled from all over the world. These plants have been very well-known around the indigenous population for centuries and today, when modern natural science and natural medicine are advancing in huge leaps, it has been established that these plants have their properties which can help greatly men who have certain issues with their performances. These ingredients, of course, have all been tested and tried in order to establish exactly how efficient they are and how safe they are, which is also very important.

Working in synergy, these natural ingredients make VigRx the most powerful natural product that you can get on the US market at the moment and a product that more and more men are using regularly to help them with their problems. The main reason is that VigRx does so many different things that you will actually start feeling like a brand new man.

Main Ingredients

  • Tribulus
  • Damiana
  • Bioprene
  • Asian Red Ginseng
  • Saw Palmetto Berry


VigRx, for one, helps you with erections, making them much stronger and harder than they used to be. After a while, you will also notice an increase in size, as your erect penis will be anywhere from half an inch to two and a half inches bigger. Also, VigRx can help you boost your libido levels, it can make you feel more energetic and it can even help you achieve much stronger orgasms than before. In short, it is a marvelous product that does incredible things.


With VigRX plus – during the first month of use, I saw a definite change in both erect size and girth. These appeared noticeably approximately 3 weeks into the testing period. In the second and third months, my size rapidly increased and continued to grow throughout the 6 full month test period. I discontinued use of the product 5 weeks ago, and the gains I had achieved have remained thus far. Overall, I have had a very positive experience with the use of this product. Vigrx Plus is effective.

Score / Overall

VigRX Plus receives a score of 5/5 stars overall. Their previous product has a wonderful reputation, and this new product delivers to an even higher level. The claims made by the manufacturer have all proven to be true. Furthermore, the sexual enhancement issues that they advertise also deliver. Learn more about penis pill benefits.

The marketing, hype, and media surrounding the original product can be really distracting – but it delivered effective results to the users. This improved version does so – and then some. Five-star rating. VigRX Plus is strongly recommended for use as a penis enhancement product and sexual enhancement supplement. It meets and exceeds the product standard level we have set.

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